Lived Experience Writers Collective

We are a group of writers from a variety of disciplines who work in close collaboration to help you with your script. No matter what stage your story is at or what degree of participation and control you require, the L.E.W.C. can help get your story finished, funded and produced.

We offer:


We produce a written analysis of the current draft of your script, and identify its strengths and weaknesses. We make recommendations to enhance the positive aspects of your story and offer solutions to the areas where the story may have issues. We look at genre, story structure, dramatic turning points, character development, character arcs and dialogue and give you an appraisal of how close your current draft is to a shooting script.


Based on our analysis, we can take on the writing of a new draft of your story in the style of the current draft, within an agreed timeframe.


You come to us with the germ of an idea, a simple one sentence concept, and we help you develop it into a short synopsis, a ten page treatment or a complete script. This applies to all formats, short films, feature films and series. We can completely write your story for you or be test readers as you work.


We create and design screenplay packages and presentations to sell your script, find a producer or secure funding. This can include creating a simple one pager or a multi-page pdf presentation with eye-catching visuals, a breakdown of your story, target audience, budget etc.


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